How to use the iNaviTour?

How to search a registered App?

You can see the updated lists ([New]) in the home page. When you touch each elements, you can go the each app.
You also can select from list at [App Search], and filter the name of app you want to.

How to back to the home page of iNaviTour from each app?

You should touch the [iNaviTour] button of each app in bottom of the display.

About the usage

What are the supported devices?

We check the following devices:
iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and,
a part of the Xperia and Galaxy series.

Note that you cannot see the expected views, depends on the version of the OS and device you have.

About the contents

Who has created the app?

Each app and contents were created by the each app creator.
We are not responsible for each contents.
If you find the mistakes and violations, please inform us from the [Contact] menu.

Can I change the displayed language?

You can change the displayed language from the [Language] menu.

After you change the language, you can see the content of language that you select.

When the content has not supported in selected language, you can see the blank page - It is a specifications.

About the AR

There are no object in the camera.

If you are in the far away from the spot, you cannot see the AR.
The AR function needs location service and network connection. Please check it.

About Tweet and Diary

Using the function

You can use the [Tweet] and [Diary], if you sign in to the iNaviTour with twitter.
Please prepare the twitter account first.

What is the Tweet?

Tweet is the timeline of this app in the twitter.
You can join the timeline by tweeting.

What is the Diary?

Diary is the social diary made of your tweets.
The theme is everything all right.
Let's share your experience.

Is diary public?

This is a specification.

Is the twitter account needed?

According to the tecnical limitation, you must have the twitter account.

I only want to see the diary, needs an account?

According to the tecnical limitation, you must have the twitter account.

About the account registration

I have not an account. What I should do?

Please prepare the twitter account.

Signup to the twitter

About the inquery

I want to report the bug, error and other

Please contact us from bottom of the menu, or Contact
Please input the your email address carefully.

When I find the irregal content.

Please report to the Contact form. Thanks you to your kindness.